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 Picture yourself sitting in a tranquil grandstand,  when the silence is suddenly shattered! Shattered? It is ripped apart by four  screaming 1000cc motors as they try to annhilate themselves from within. What  are we talking about? The incredible world of SPEEDWAY SIDECAR RACING. They  began as a demonstration, now they are the craze. Over the last 22 years,  hundreds of thousands of spectators have stood up and given the Speedway  Sidecar racers standing ovations in Southern California. They are hard-core fans  all the way. The incredible noise! The astonishing 30 foot high dirt rooster  tails! The thrilling sight of a swinger hanging on the side of a brakeless  motorcycle for dear life! These things only exist in one sport on the face of  the earth. That sport is SPEEDWAY SIDECAR RACING! Speedway Sidecar racing is a relatively new to the United States. Brought to this country from Australia and New  Zealand around the same time cell phones started popping into everyones hands in the mid 1980’s. At any rate, it is destined to be the "Action Sport of the New Millennium!" Join  the fun and the incredible excitement by following the Speedway Sidecars as  they zig-zag their way across California and the nation!

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